Justification by faith means that we rest upon the work of Christ for our salvation. We don't live to save ourselves; we live to bring glory to the One who saved us. (Note: first twenty minutes of sermon not recorded due to technical issues)
1. Justified By Faith (v.15-18)
- We may try to please God with works, but all we have to offer Him is our sin.
- We are unjust sinners. How then, can a just God withhold the punishment due to us?
- How can we be justified, or made right, before a holy God?

2. Living By Faith (v.19-21)
- My flesh life is not my real life.
- My real life was granted to me by faith, not earned through works.
- My new identity in Christ came at the cost of the cross. The cross drives all that I do.

Application: Does Grace Point live by faith?

"Trusting God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, our Triune God to guide us by His mercy and grace in declaring His true, infallible word to the local community and beyond."

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