Paul's dramatic conversion, his changed life, and his unrelenting faithfulness to God's Word brought glory to God. This is the ultimate proof of the authentic gospel.

"And they glorified God because of me." (Galatians 1:24)

Three Proofs of the Authentic Gospel

1. Lives Are Changed (v.18-20)

2. Faith Is Preached (v.21-23)

3. God Is Glorified (verse 24)


Is God glorified in what we are preaching? Is God glorified in my life, in the things I do? This principal is the same principle that we can use to determine whether something we are doing in life is godly or not: does it glorify God?

Do our lives reveal the glory of God, like Paul’s life did?

Does our church understand the same faith that Paul understood?

Do we engage in personal evangelism, preaching the same faith that Paul preached?

Does our church preach the same faith that Paul preached?

Do we live the same faith that Paul lived?

"Trusting God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, our Triune God to guide us by His mercy and grace in declaring His true, infallible word to the local community and beyond."

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