As Paul addresses the Galatian churches, he finds it necessary to defend both himself and the gospel that he preaches. He shows that the gospel is not from man but from God, and that it is part of God's sovereign plan.
Five Undeniable Facts About This Divine Gospel

1. This Gospel Does Not Need Our Approval (v. 10)
2. We Did Not Create the Gospel (v.11)
3. Jesus Taught the Gospel (v. 12)
4. We Cannot Silence the Gospel (v. 13-14)
5. God Has a Sovereign Plan For His Gospel (v. 15-17)

Application: As a church, how will Grace Point exalt the divine gospel? What specific things will we improve so that we will more faithfully present the gospel?

"Trusting God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, our Triune God to guide us by His mercy and grace in declaring His true, infallible word to the local community and beyond."

Grace Point Mission Statement